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Innovative Brand Storytelling

Ideation to Commercialization

Individual, Team, & Corporate Facilitator

Sustainable Profit Optimization

I'm here to listen and solve, so you can soar

Running a business, brand or campaign can be hard.  It takes grit, resiliency & perseverance.  With over 14 years of experience in brand management & business development from Fortune 200 organizations to Solopreneur businesses, I can curate sustainable business solutions for your challenges.

Innovative Brand Storytelling

Consumers trust brands when they are authentic - they can tell when they aren't!  

Brand storytelling interweaves the values, purpose, and experiences that can evoke powerful emotions people relate to like joy, relief, gratitude, and excitement.  

Today, new or established brands must nurture an innovative, powerful story to maintain the trust of consumers at a deep intrinsic level.  

We will build and refine your brand story through a set of strategic tools that ignite the sustained trust of your consumers.

Ideation to Commercialization

A brand can thrive in the market when it's raised in the right environment - which requires agile design thinking alongside an attentive 5-stage commercialization process to answer...

Do consumers want it?     How can you make it?     Can you make money from it?  

Let's answer these questions by building a strategic plan that is succinct, yet scrupulous - from idea creation to your profitable launch.

Individual, Team, & Corporate Facilitator

The people behind a brand are as important as the brand itself.

Empowering brand builders to integrate their unique character strengths into their work will result in a cohesive and complementary team of engaged change-makers.

Let me help foster an environment that connects self-discovery with business success by facilitating your ideation sessions and team-building events.

Sessions can be 1-on-1, small groups, or entire organizations.

Sustainable Profit Optimization 

The world is changing and the environmental impact of brands will continue to be top of mind.  

Assessing your operational processes, from raw ingredient sourcing to post-consumer packaging, will reveal your opportunities to make your brand better for the consumer and the climate.  

Understanding your consumer journey will reveal the blueprints necessary for a powerful transformation strategy - think of it like a treasure map to your MVC (Most Valuable Consumer).  

Let's work together to evaluate your brand's position and build a sustainable profit model to scale.

Why Choose Me?


Over 300 hours of in-depth training across motivational interviewing techniques, positive psychology, and behavior-change coaching to enable a powerful discussion about you, your brand, and your business needs.


14 years of business development, product innovation, P&L optimization, brand management, and digital strategy from billion $ international brands to local midwestern non-profits.  I'd love to share what I've learned with you.